The Solace Centre, Equinoxcare is Ealing's daily out-of-hours mental health resource centre combating loneliness and isolation through social inclusion. We are a connecting hub with over 60 members, based in West Ealing where people with mental health problems can meet in a relaxed, accepting environment to socialise, support one another and make new friends. It can help with respite, long-term self-management, resilience, and sustainability.

Our motto - chosen by our members, is: “Together accepting difference” -  because Solace’s members and staff respect one another – with all our differences.

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The Solace Centre encourages people to become experts in their own mental health self-management, build confidence and nurture resilience. We help to engage and foster peer support, resilience and sustainability.

Our members are involved in many day-to-day running and group activities, sharing and developing skills and learning. Peer support is often found to help promote and enhance wellness and capabilities. When needed, staff help resolve day-to-day mental health problems which are wide-ranging, from advice on budgeting to those having thoughts on suicide.

The Solace Centre, Equinoxcare (SIG) works in partnership with West London NHS Trust and LB Ealing.


The Solace Centre is a referral service (no drop-in visits) for people with a mental health diagnosis in the Borough of Ealing.

Referrals can be accepted by mental health practitioners, occupational therapists, social prescribers, and GPs via email after the completion of the referral form.

Attendance at the Solace Centre may also be a part of your care plan.

There are two types of referrals: a person on a section + not on a section.

If a person being referred is currently on a section, we will require a risk assessment and the referrer to accompany the referred person on visits until agreed.

We recommend and welcome a friend or professional to join new visitors to reduce any initial concerns.

During an induction, we'll show the new visitor around The Solace Centre, discuss what the service offers, and go through the Code of Conduct. Afterward, the new visitor is welcome to have a cup of tea/coffee or juice and meet our other members. 

Following induction, the new visitor is welcome to attend on an informal, ad hoc basis Monday – Friday,  3pm - 7pm.

If you'd like to learn more about this service and induction, please email or call between 3pm and 7pm at 0208 567 6189 as we are an out-of-hours service.

New Solace members are voted in by existing Solace members (£20 per year).  

Our opening times are currently 3pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open Christmas, Easter and bank holidays.