West London's commitment to the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF)

NHS England has taken a significant step towards addressing racial inequalities within mental health services by launching the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF). This mandatory framework aims to support NHS mental health trusts and service providers in their journey to becoming actively anti-racist organisations. West London is demonstrating its commitment to this crucial initiative by adopting and implementing the PCREF across its mental health services.

Three main domains of PCREF

The PCREF focuses on three main domains:

  • Nominate an executive board lead and establish governance structures, accountability and leadership across the organisation.
  • Co-develop, implement and review local PCREF plans with racialised communities and your workforce.
  • Identify priorities for improvement in meeting the specific legislative and regulatory requirements relating to equalities to include in local PCREF plans.
  • Monitor core measures at Trust Board level on a regular basis and publish PCREF plans

  • Engage with racialised communities to identify and agree core organisational competencies.
  • Agree on measurable and practical actions to co-develop in local PCREF plans.
  • Ensure the whole organisation is aware of its responsibilities in implementing local PCREF plans.

  • Ensure patient experience data is used, monitored and flowed to national data-sets to enable bench-marking, lesson-sharing and service improvement.
  • Ensure outcome measures are routinely used and monitored locally, and flowed to national datasets to enable benchmarking, lesson-sharing and improvement of services.
  • Agree approaches for implementing a 'real time' and transparent feedback loop for racialised and ethnically and culturally diverse communities.

A commitment to reducing racial inequalities

By adopting and implementing the PCREF, West London is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to reducing racial inequalities within its mental health services. This ground-breaking framework embeds coproduction and partnership working with racialised and ethnically and culturally diverse groups placing  individuals and communities at the heart of the design and implementation of mental health services and support. West London's mental health trusts and providers are working tirelessly to become actively anti-racist organisations, and the PCREF is a crucial tool in achieving this goal.

Working with North West London patients, carers, communities and partners 

Coproduction and partnership working with racialised and ethnically and culturally diverse communities is embedded in our PCREF approach.

Find out more about this work or join one of our upcoming PCREF listening events below. 

The main aim for this work is to address differences in Access, Experience, and Outcomes for racialised and culturally diverse communities in mental health services, and to improve trust and confidence in these services. 

The Framework is being developed now, and as part of this we are running a series of listening events to work together to understand how this should be set up and delivered.

We have a number of online and in-person borough specific events:

Please register to join one of the events below by emailing info@futurebrightsolutions.co.uk, or call on 07860 104223

  • Hounslow
    Tuesday 23 July, 2 to3.30pm online
  • Ealing
    Tuesday 23 July, 10 to 11.30am online
  • Hammersmith and Fulham
    Thursday 25 July 2024, 2 to3pm, venue TBC
    Wednesday 24 July, 10 to11.30am online
  • Dates for in person sessions for Hounslow and Ealing to be confirmed.

For more information email info@futurebrightsolutions.co.uk, or call on 07860 104223.

If you are unable to attend, you can still share your views with us by getting in touch.

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