The new Broadmoor Hospital opened in December 2019.

The hospital was designed to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for patients who need high-secure psychiatric care.

Multi-disciplinary teams are located on every ward, working with patients to promote their rehabilitation and recovery.

The new buildings are much more conducive to care, treatment and recovery than the Victorian buildings which they replaced and are also safer for staff and patients.  Staff, patients and carers were involved at every stage in shaping the design, layout and look and feel of the new hospital. The colour schemes and artwork on the wards were co-produced with staff and patients.

The wards

The wards in the new hospital are spacious, with plenty of natural light and access to bright, attractive ward gardens. Multi-disciplinary teams are located on every ward.

The layout allows much more supervised (rather than escorted) movement of patients within the hospital. This is better for the safety and well-being of the patients, allows staff to focus on patient care and therapy.

Central building

The wards are situated around a large central garden, in the middle of which is the Central Building.  This houses the hospital’s therapies, activities and patient services in a single area which is easy to access.  These include:

  • A café, shop and hairdresser
  • Woodwork, pottery and craft rooms
  • Classrooms for education and vocational training
  • A multi-faith sanctuary
  • A physical healthcare area, where patients can see a GP and a dentist.

We welcome visits to the hospital from families, friends and carers.

 The new hospital has much better facilities for carers, including:

  • Disability access to all parts of the hospital
  • Dedicated visiting rooms on the wards as well as a main visits suite
  • Comfortable, spacious and private waiting areas
  • An improved child visits suite, close to the main reception, which includes an enclosed outside garden area.

Download information for carers

Download information about child visits

See information about Covid-19: virtual visits

The old hospital and most of the buildings dated from the 1860s - well before the NHS was founded – and was unfit for the effective, safe care and rehabilitation of patients. The old buildings were poorly configured and lacked basic standards of dignity, privacy, cleanliness and amenities. The layout of the old hospital also presented risks to the safety of our staff, for example, in terms of their ability to observe patients properly.

In 2009, the Care Quality Commission highlighted concerns about the buildings, beds, layout and healthcare at Broadmoor, recommending that “the redevelopment must be progressed without delay.”

The Trust looked at a number of options for redevelopment. A new hospital was considered to be not only the most financially viable option, but also the one which would best allow us to modernise services and create an environment fit for the delivery of 21st century high-secure care.

The redevelopment programme scope:

  • Construction of 10 new wards in three new buildings
  • Construction of an entrance building to control all entry and exit to the hospital
  • A central building to house all therapies, activities and administration
  • Realignment of the hospital boundaries
  • Sale of surplus land and buildings.

The hospital also includes existing wards in an adjacent building constructed in 2003.

Read the Full Business Case for the Redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital.

All community Broadmoor Hospital sirens have now been taken out of use.

The new Broadmoor Hospital has a single siren located in its grounds. This will be tested silently, on a weekly basis. In the highly unlikely event of a patient escape, it will be sounded audibly to inform residents in the Crowthorne area.

In the event of an escape, in addition to sounding the siren, the hospital will immediately notify Thames Valley Police. They will send an alert to all residents registered on the Thames Valley Alert system notifying them that an escape has taken place.

You can sign up to this alert system with Thames Valley Police