The Broadmoor Hospital research hub provides research support to help Trust colleagues working with the hospital and its residents, to ensure that we provide high quality, evidence-based forensic and mental health care to all patients. 

We care for men over 18 years old, who pose a high degree of harm to themselves or others, while also experiencing severe mental disorders illness including psychosis, schizophrenia and personality disorders. 

Through our research, we ask how we can better understand, treat and prevent the difficulties our patients experience.

Our work goes beyond just conducting research. We facilitate activities important for developing good quality and impactful research. We involve patients in research, share our findings and collaborate with mental health professionals, patients and stakeholders within the Trust.

Research activities

We have many dedicated researchers tackling the questions most important to our patient experiences.

We will be adding more programmes in the future, including topics such as high secure pharmacology, physical health, staff wellbeing and the digital hospital.

Learn more about our work in a range of areas

Read about our research methodologies and approach

Outcome measures working group

Culturally-informed research programme

Trauma-informed research programme

Radicalisation and the internet research

Self-harm, suicide and violence research


The research hub is led by Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Research Lead, Dr Jonathan Hafferty and Dr Samantha Scholtz, Research Director of WLNT.

Alongside two dedicated Research Assistants, Rita Hira and Josephine Broyd, we work with staff and patients to produce high-impact research.

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We host a series of events and conferences focused on mental health, particularly from a forensic perspective. Each event has a main theme, where we invite individuals to speak, from experts within the field to specific conferences for students.


We welcome individuals who want to learn more about forensic and mental health services, and researchers who want to promote their recent research. Including:

  • Conferences
  • Talks
  • Lecture series.

You can watch our previous talks on our video channel.

If you are an internal member of staff and would like to attend our regular research meetings, feel free to get in touch with us by email:


We are always interested in working with passionate and curious people, who want to help understand and support our patients. There are two ways you can join us:

Work in the Research Hub

We are a small team including a research lead and two research assistants. We are hoping to expand into new and exciting roles. There are many opportunities throughout the West London NHS Trust research team. You can search and apply for jobs within the careers section of this website

Collaborate alongside the research hub

With partnerships across academia, industry and other high secure hospitals, we actively welcome collaboration with external organisations. 

Learn more about the work we do and how to partner with us <link to collaboration page>