The Broadmoor Hospital research hub provides research support to help Trust colleagues working with the hospital and its residents, to ensure that we provide high quality, evidence-based forensic and mental health care to all patients. 

We care for men over 18 years old, who pose a high degree of harm to themselves or others, while also experiencing severe mental disorders illness including psychosis, schizophrenia and personality disorders. 

Through our research, we ask how we can better understand, treat and prevent the difficulties our patients experience.

Our work goes beyond just conducting research. We facilitate activities important for developing good quality and impactful research. We involve patients in research, share our findings and collaborate with mental health professionals, patients and stakeholders within the Trust.

Research activities

We have many dedicated researchers tackling the questions most important to our patient experiences.

We will be adding more programmes in the future, including topics such as high secure pharmacology, physical health, staff wellbeing and the digital hospital.

Learn more about our approach, research and working groups