We recognise and value carers as key partners in supporting patients on the road to recovery. We’ll work with you and support you as much as possible in your caring role.

You’re a carer if you’ve had sustained and regular social contact with a patient. So, you could be a relative, a friend or someone else who cares for them. If you’re identified as a carer, you can be part of their care planning process.

During this difficult pandemic period, we’re committed to making sure your voices and opinions are still heard. 

Download the Information for Carers leaflet 

Broadmoor Hospital is signed up to the Triangle of Care, a national programme developed by staff and carers to ensure collaboration between the patient, professional and carer.

Find out more about the Triangle of Care

Social workers

Social workers are the main link between carers and the hospital.
We’ll make sure you know the name of the patient’s social worker. You can call them on 01344 75 4523.

Carers’ pack

Carers are sent a carers’ pack when their family member or friend is admitted to Broadmoor Hospital. This contains practical information that you should find useful, especially if this is the first time you’ve come into contact with mental health services. 

Carers' forum

The carers’ forum gives carers the opportunity to meet staff and other carers

A virtual carers’ forum event, via Microsoft Teams, has been set up in place of the meetings usually held four times a year.

For more information, call 01344 754475.

Carers’ support group

The carers’ support group is for carers, family and friends. It’s a group for peer support from other carers and discuss any issues.

For more information, call your named  social worker or the social work administration team on 01344 754 475.

Minibus bus service for carers

The minibus service is cancelled until further notice due to COVID 19.

Travel for visits

The hospital is able to offer some travel and accommodation services. Anyone visiting a relative or friend is entitled to claim a 50% reimbursement of public transport costs following their visit. 

Download a carer’s travel expenses claim form

Forms are also available at reception. Please give your completed form to a member of reception staff, together with receipts relating to your journey.

It will take us a few days to process your refund before you’re reimbursed. For some carers/families, the hospital may be able to provide overnight accommodation (for example, if you’ve had to travel a very long way). The hospital social worker can provide you with further information.

Travel for meetings

If you're coming to the hospital for a carers’ strategy meeting, carers’ forum or other meeting we’ve asked you to attend, you'll be entitled to a 100% reimbursement of your public transport costs. The process for claiming this a is the same as when visiting your friend or relative, although you will need to complete a patients’ CPA form. 

Download a patients’ CPA claim form

You can also get a form from hospital’s social work department. This is where you should take completed forms.

As a carer, you’ve got a legally recognised status as such under The Care Act 2014.

This means that you're entitled to have a carer’s assessment undertaken by your local authority, or by us on behalf of your local authority, to help identify any needs you may have in your role as a carer. The local authority may then be able to provide assistance in meeting your needs. This could include:

  • Emotional support through counselling or befriending schemes
  • Help with accessing local support services for carers
  • Limited financial support to help with travelling costs
  • Support with physical health needs, such as adaptations to help you fulfil your role as a carer.

If you’re disabled, have mobility issues or any other social care needs, you may also be eligible for a social care needs assessment in your own right. This again would usually be undertaken by your local authority, but can also be undertaken by us on their behalf.

Find out more about carer’s assessments and social care needs on the gov.uk website