West London NHS Trust provides a range of secure services for patients and services users who pose a level of risk either to themselves or others. We provide low, medium and high secure services at different units and secure inpatient hospitals in the Trust. 

We’re a leading provider of forensic mental health care, with medium and low secure services on the St Bernard’s Hospital site in Ealing as well as high secure services provided at Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire. 

  • There are 5 wards in the men’s low secure service on the St Bernard’s Hospital site in Ealing. These treat and support service users as they prepare to transition safely from a secure setting into the community.

  • High secure services provide inpatient care for male service users who can’t be treated safely in lower levels of security.

  • Three Bridges is a medium secure unit which provides secure services to men with complex and enduring needs, who pose a risk to themselves or others, and who require a secure setting

  • Broadmoor Hospital is a specialist high secure psychiatric hospital. Find out about care provided, career opportunities and visiting information for carers.

  • West London NHS Trust provides women’s low, medium and medium enhanced secure services for women who have a mental disorder and whose behaviour poses a risk to others.

  • The Orchard unit provides high-quality care for women who have mental illness, or a personality disorder and who need care in a low, medium or enhanced medium secure setting. It is on St Bernard's Hospital site.