Broadmoor Hospital includes a diverse range of patients. Research has indicated that individuals from certain backgrounds could be over-represented.

In order to provide the most personalised and inclusive forms of treatment, there is a need for studies aimed at understanding why and how racial or cultural differences in admission to Broadmoor Hospital take place.

We aim to take a leading role in developing research that not only asks where disparities exist but also why and how do we make improvements for individuals within high secure services.

We also aim to develop research tackling issues relating to disparities and improve the service facilities through being culturally informed.

Currently, our research is exploring how individuals from different backgrounds experience receiving and providing care. In future we will expand these topics to include:

  • Do we treat and respond to people with different backgrounds and identities differently? 
  • Do individuals of different backgrounds have needs we aren’t addressing?
  • What is the relationship between patients’ backgrounds and mental health or forensic services?
Internal researchers
  • Rita Hira – Lead
  • Jonathan Hafferty
  • Josephine Broyd
  • Nicola Miller
  • Ken Wakatama
  • Emma Ramsden
External partner researchers
  • London School of Hygiene, Kings College London.

Research we are currently working on

High secure services value both caring for a diverse group of patients, but also recruiting staff from backgrounds. However, many studies have found providing care within these environments leads to perspectives and difficulties which may make staff feel vulnerable.

This rich qualitative study was developed in partnership with Dr Julia Rozanova at Kings College London, and run by Thouriya Hafiz (MSc Student) to better understand how staff members adapt and learn from differences, and where challenges exist.

Many studies have found disparities in patient care depending on the patients' background, from the number of referrals to high secure services (Morvern et al., 2008) to restrictive practice patients experience.

The extent to which disparities may exist and why is less known. We are currently evaluating the extent to which disparities exist with current services, so that future research can understand why. The evaluation will include looking at numeric information about patients' journeys through Broadmoor Hospital to explore differences based on culture and race.