Broadmoor Hospital as one of the UK's high secure hospitals caters for a patient population with unique risks of violence towards others, but also self-harm and suicide.

To provide the best service and treatment for our patients, we seek to better understand the causes and pathways to harmful behaviours.

This work programme has a strong multidisciplinary approach drawing on skills from psychiatry, psychology and nursing to address crucial factors for patient self-harm.

Internal researchers
  • Psychiatry: Jonathan Hafferty
  • Nursing: Terry Fegan, Jaide Meade & Derek Gunning
  • Psychology: Gemma Briscoe
  • Research: Rita Hira & Josephine Broyd
External partner researchers
  • Seena Fazel, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

Our current research

Led by Gemma Briscoe, we are exploring the current interventions offered by psychological services to treat and manage self-harm within High Secure Hospitals. With the aim of developing a bigger series of projects which creates targeted interventions to manage the psychological risk factors for patient in high secure hospitals to self-harm.