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This page contains materials produced by Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH). On 1 July 2024, all adult and children’s community services in the London Borough of Hounslow provided by HRCH transferred to West London NHS Trust. Whilst we are in the process of re-producing these materials, patients and referrers can still refer to the information contained within them.

Community Paediatrics is a specialist child health assessment and diagnostic service to meet the needs of children with special or complex health needs.

We work very closely with other health professionals, such children’s therapies, and also offer joint assessments.

We also work closely with non-health specialists working in education and social care.

Services include:

  • Pre-school neuro-developmental assessments
  • Social communication assessment clinics
  • Looked-after children’s statutory health assessments
  • Special education needs clinics
  • Child protection medicals (2 years to 18 years)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - for children with a learning disability

Social communication pathway

The video below is for parents of children who are on the social communication pathway (otherwise known as the ASD pathway).

It explains the process we follow in Hounslow.

What is the social communication pathway

Useful documents

Child protection medical assessment leaflet

Early help portal

Early help is about providing extra support at an early stage for you and your family. This helps to prevent small problems from getting worse. These could be difficulties with parenting to health to education to support for teenagers.

Go to the Hounslow Children's Portal

Many services in Hounslow offer early help including schools, children’s centres, health, and education services and more. Ask about the support available.

After asking for support, the most appropriate services within early help can be identified.

Some of the services will need a Child & Family Assessment/Notification Safeguarding Form (CFAN) to be completed.

Other services within Early Help may have their own referral form or procedure. Contact the service directly to enquire.


Child development services referral form

Paediatrics referral criteria