Warning alert

This page contains materials produced by Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH). On 1 July 2024, all adult and children’s community services in the London Borough of Hounslow provided by HRCH transferred to West London NHS Trust. Whilst we are in the process of re-producing these materials, patients and referrers can still refer to the information contained within them.

Who we are

We are a team of speech and language therapists with specialist knowledge in acquired neurological conditions and voice disorders.

We work as part of the multi-disciplinary team directly with patients and carers offering a comprehensive range of outpatient services for patients in the community with communication and swallowing difficulties.

Who we see

We provide specialist assessment and management of patients who are registered with a Hounslow GP and present with communication difficulties such as dysarthria (slurred speech), aphasia (language impairment), apraxia (motor programming impairment), cognitive communication disorder, voice problems, or dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).

This could result from:

  • Neurological conditions (including Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Huntington’s, head injury, Dementia)
  • Cancer (including brain tumour, head and neck cancer, oesophageal cancer)
  • Respiratory conditions (including COPD)
  • Gastroenterological conditions 

What we do 

Where appropriate, we provide goal-led therapy programmes (e.g. direct therapy or communication groups), education, advice and support to family and carers, encouraging self-management.

We can see patients in person (in our clinic, in patient homes or care homes) or virtually by telephone or using video conferencing.

We also offer some patients group speech therapy, delivered at Heart of Hounslow Medical Centre and online as appropriate.


The first step is to discuss the issue with a health professional, usually your/the patient’s GP. They can then make the referral via the Single Point of Access form found on the Referrals tab. We do not currently accept self-referrals.

All treatment and therapy is tailored to the individual and the severity of the communication or swallowing issue. You may be seen once for an assessment and provided with some recommendations to follow or you may be offered a course of therapy.

The Speech and Language Therapist will tailor the treatment to your needs and the condition you are experiencing. Therapy usually consists of a series of techniques and exercises to be completed gradually to improve your communication.

This service is part of the NHS, you must be registered with a GP in Hounslow to be considered for treatment. Once you have been assessed and it is decided you qualify for treatment or therapy it will be free.

The therapists work within the community and where appropriate and safe to do so, therapists can visit in your home/care home. They will make an appointment at a time that suits you both - it may be that they need to see you eat some food during the appointment, this will be discussed when making the appointment.

Therapists will always show their NHS ID Card when they visit and they will ensure they follow the latest Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of patients and themselves.

We regularly offer online appointments and we will send you a secure link to log into if this is the agreed method of the appointment.

We can arrange for an appointment at our clinic, usually at the Heart of Hounslow, but we also occasionally operate out of other centres.

We can recommend appropriate local support groups and charities that can help provide on-going support and advice. If you feel that you need further therapy from us, you will need to refer to the service again and we will assess you.

We can offer training to promote best practice and recommendations, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

We offer group therapy throughout the year for people with aphasia and dysarthria. The groups are currently held online with a view to holding them face to face in the future if deemed safe enough to do so.

The groups provide an opportunity to practice exercises and meet other people with the same condition.  The speech therapist will discuss this option with you and, if appropriate, you will be placed on the group therapy waiting list and you will be contacted when a session is planned.


Referrals to this service should be made using the HRCH single referral form (see below) and submitted to the trust's Single Point of Access (Hounslow) service.

Single Point of Access (SPA) contact details:

Tel: 020 8973 3450 / 3451 

Email: hounslowandrichmond.spa@nhs.net

Referral process

The speech and language service can help adults aged 18 and over with a broad range of speech, language, voice, communication and swallowing difficulties. To access our service you must be registered with a GP in the London Borough of Hounslow.

If you require a referral to the Speech and Language Therapy Service, you should discuss this with your GP. Referrals to our Speech and Language Therapy Service must be made via a health professional such as your GP.

The Single Point of Access form must be completed by the health professional making the referral.

This form should be emailed to: hounslowandrichmond.spa@nhs.net or posted to:

Adults Speech and Language Therapy Team
Heart of Hounslow
92 Bath Road

Once the Speech and Language Therapy team receive the referral, we will assess the form and contact you.

If treatment or therapy is required, you will be offered an appointment, either in person (home visits can be arranged if appropriate) or by video.

The Speech and Language Therapist will provide you with an appropriate plan of therapy using a range of techniques, interventions and recommendations.

We try to assess referrals as soon as we receive them and prioritise them accordingly.