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This page contains materials produced by Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH). On 1 July 2024, all adult and children’s community services in the London Borough of Hounslow provided by HRCH transferred to West London NHS Trust. Whilst we are in the process of re-producing these materials, patients and referrers can still refer to the information contained within them.

The domiciliary phlebotomy service takes routine and urgent blood tests in the community for housebound adults aged 16 or over. Blood pressure measurements are taken if requested by the GP only.

Patients need to live in Hounslow and be registered with a Hounslow GP and fulfil the housebound criteria.

The service does not provide a rapid response service. Requests for urgent blood tests are actioned within 48 hours.

Phlebotomy (domiciliary) information for adults

How to make an appointment

This service is available to patients who are housebound only. If you are able to leave your home either escorted or unescorted and travel, on foot, by bus o r tube, in a taxicab or on dial-a-ride, you will be asked to attend the nearest clinic. Patients who are able to attend GP/ Dental/ Hospital appointments shall not be considered housebound. Your doctor has asked for you to have a blood test and will have explained why the test is required. Your GP will send the blood test form and referral paperwork to the phlebotomist via the single point of access. The phlebotomist will contact you by telephone to arrange a date to visit your house to undertake the blood tests requested by your GP. The time of the appointment will depend on the tests and time required. Those patients requiring fasting blood tests will be prioritised and visited first in the day. Please drink 2 glasses of water at least 2 hours before your appointment; this makes it easier to take a blood sample.


In order to take the blood test we do require consent from the patient. We are unable to carry out the blood test without this consent. We will ensure that you receive sufficient information in order to make a decision and will document your consent to have the blood test in our records.

If you have been asked to fast for Glucose and/or Cholesterol/Lipids blood tests:

The phlebotomist will arrange a morning appointment with you. Make sure you have nothing to eat or and only drink water for 12½ hours before your blood test. You are only able to drink water. Please ensure you have drunk at least two glasses of water prior to your appointment.

Glucose loading/glucose tolerance tests (GLT/GTT):

The phlebotomist will arrange two morning appointments with you, 2 hours apart. You should have nothing to eat and only water to drink for 12½ hours prior to your appointment. Please drink as much water as you need, but at least 2-3 glasses in the morning.

Service Information patients Written by: Teresa Keegal Reviewed and updated: December 2016 Sarah Mack/Nancy Houlihan You must have a 500ml bottle of Original Lucozade with you at the time of your appointment and drink the whole bottle immediately after the first appointment.

Please do not eat or drink anything else until after the second appointment. Second appointment – The phlebotomist will return to your house 10 minutes before the two hours have elapsed for your second blood test.

Following your blood test:

  • If a bruise occurs this will normally go away in 3 to 5 days.
  • Please contact your GP practice directly 7 to 14 days after your blood test to obtain results.

Blood Pressure Measurements:

The phlebotomist will undertake blood pressure measurements for housebound patients only when requested by the referring GP. Your GP will be informed of the result within 24 hours of your appointment.

We can help you if English is not your first language. If you would like to receive this leaflet in a language or format of your choice please contact the PALS.



Referrals should be made using the HRCH referral form, available via the trust's Single Point of Access service page.

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