Our short term rehabilitation therapists provide therapy-led rehabilitation for adults with disability or injury.

We aim to help patients improve their abilities and achieve their rehabilitation goals, through therapy led care. 

About the service

The short term rehabilitation team provides rehabilitation support for a short period of time. We focus on achieving goals and enabling people to regain independence and social integration effectively and efficiently after discharge from acute hospitals and community rehabilitation services in the borough.

We offer support for a period of up to six weeks, usually less if goals are achieved or care can be delivered in a different way.

We also aim to provide support and advice to families and caregivers.

A multidisciplinary assessment and treatment service is offered where appropriate.

Our team includes:


Occupational Therapists

Rehabilitation Assistants. 

We also work closely with colleagues from our intermediate care services (Rapid Response and Home First) to support people at home. We have strong links with Ealing Council’s Ealing Council's Reablement Care Service.

We provide care in a home setting - this may be your home, or somewhere you are staying to rehabilitate - such as with family. Or it could be in a care home or similar setting. 


To begin, we will complete an evaluation so that we can determine the right therapies for you.

Your evaluation will include

  • Discussing your treatment goals
  • Assessing what you can do and what your needs are in the following areas:
    • Motor controls
    • Pain
    • Functional limitations due to pain, injury, illness or disability
  • The need for therapeutic equipment including:
    • Mobility aids
    • Bathing, toileting equipment
    • Adaptations etc.
  • Your sensory-motor functions - how well you are able to use your body, including: 
    • Fine motor skills
    • Perceptual and cognitive functions e.g. body awareness, visual perception, auditory perception, memory
    • Self-care skills e.g. transferring yourself from bed to chair, dressing, using the toilet
    • The need for splinting to improve hand function
    • The need for adaptations such as rails or ramp 

Following your evaluation, you can expect to:

  • Receive advice and support for self-care or signposting to other therapy services
  • Begin your therapy sessions for a defined period of time - up to a maximum of six weeks
    • Patients undertaking therapy will have regular review or monitoring of progress.


Referrals to the service need to be made by a healthcare professional via the Ealing Community Referral Hub.

To be eligible for the service, people must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Registered with an Ealing GP practice
  • Living (temporarily or permanently) within 1 mile from the boundaries of Ealing
  • Eligible to receive NHS care or residing within the boundaries of Ealing if not registered with a GP.

They must have:

  • Long or short-term disability, illness or injury
  • Needs which can only be met at home.

A variety of issues can be treated by the service, including:

  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Orthopaedic
  • Neurological problems (working with the neurological rehabilitation service)
  • General medical conditions or injuries as the result of a fall for example.

Patients who have had elective surgery typically have rehabilitation following their operation in hospital and as an outpatient follow-up. In some circumstances where home-based therapy is required, the short-term rehabilitation team will provide this support