Online therapy is a flexible way to have cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT for problems like depression, anxiety and stress. 

Benefits of online therapy

You can access online therapy from your computer, smartphone or tablet, 24 hours a day.

Online therapy is effective 

Research shows that online therapy works just as well as face-to-face therapy: 

  • It’s flexible
  • Waiting times are shorter
  • You can access the modules over a year. 

You start by speaking to your therapist on the phone, to meet the person who will guide your therapy.

Once they know what you need help with, they’ll unlock an interactive online module for you to work through, at your own pace. You’ll agree a time to finish the module and touch base with your therapist by email. This is usually a week later. It’s up to you when you do the work

Series of modules

The modules will help you learn how to manage your wellbeing. For example, there are modules dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

You complete exercises, writing down what you think and feel. Between the sessions, you’ll be asked to apply what you’ve learnt by doing tasks.

This will help you create new habits and ways of thinking.

Therapist feedback

Your therapist will follow your progress. They read your notes and use the information you’ve given to unlock the next therapy module. They’ll also give you feedback on how you’re doing.

Your therapist is always there to guide you.

You can look at the session materials, your notes and therapist feedback for a year after you finish therapy. This will help you maintain progress and prevent setbacks.

Length of therapy

You’ll be told how many modules there are in your therapy when you start.

To benefit from online therapy, you’ll need: 

  • Basic computer/smartphone/tablet and internet skills
  • Reliable internet connection. 

You also need to want to improve your wellbeing and be ready to work through the modules and with your therapist.