Visiting a secure hospital can be a little intimidating, but at Broadmoor Hospital, we do everything we can to make the experience a positive one. Our staff make sure the safety and wellbeing of children (that’s anyone under 18) is guaranteed, and that patients and their younger visitors can interact safely and enjoyably. Following a request from a patient, if the clinical team thinks that a visit might be possible and in the best interests of the child, we will ask for consent from you, as the child’s parent(s) or adult with parental responsibility. 

To make sure child visits are managed consistently, the Department of Health and Social Care has issued Directions about children visiting high-secure hospitals which we must follow. To make sure child visits are managed consistently, West London NHS Trust ensure that:

  • The child’s welfare comes before the interests of anyone else
  • The child’s wishes and feelings about the visit, taking account of their age and understanding, are considered.
  • The child’s welfare is safeguarded by all staff

Read the child visits information leaflet here.