We work with people who’re unemployed and under the care of the recovery team. Our vocational recovery services offers a retention support service if you’re having problems with keeping your current job. We can give advice about your employment rights, wellbeing at work, advocacy support and negotiating reasonable adjustments with your employer.

You need to be looking for paid employment to access support from our individual placement support (IPS). Our employment specialists aren’t career advisers, but can help you to develop career action plans based on your job goal.

IPS employment specialists work to help you to find job opportunities within 4 weeks of your initial appointment with us.

We offer what is known as time unlimited support, meaning that even once you’re in work, we can continue to support to you and your employer.

We’ll work with you as soon as you feel you’re ready to move into paid employment. There’s no requirement to have been stable for a specific period of time.

No, you need to be ready and committed to taking on paid employment. You self-refer to show that you are committed to the process. If you are ready, complete a registration form available from the Recovery Team. If you’re unsure, we’d be happy to discuss your options with you before you complete the referral form.

You’ll set your own goals and we can offer advice about to achieve these. We’ll encourage you to think about your ideal job, although you may want to accept an interim job while you build your skills.

No. We don’t work in the same way as an employment agency. We can help you find vacancies for which you want to apply and then support you with your application.

We carry out what’s called a rapid job search. There’s no training period, although we’ll spend time getting to know you and developing your CV for applications. Your search for a job should start shortly after your initial appointment.