The Cassel Hospital’s inpatient service offers a living and learning environment within the framework of a therapeutic community.

Length of treatment

The length of treatment is a minimum of 9 months to a, maximum of 12 months. 

The length of treatment is determined by the patient’s individual circumstances and resources available locally.

The structured setting provides containment and opportunities to develop more functional ways of relating to others and reduce destructive behaviours. On completion, patients may step down to the outreach programme or to a specialist personality disorder service in their own catchment area. It’s important that patients continue to receive psychological therapy following residential treatment to build on the work and progress made.

The treatment programme includes:

Active participation in community life

Patients take active roles in the running of the community, sharing domestic tasks as well as creative, physical and social activities. Community activities are coordinated at daily meetings chaired by patients.

Psychosocial nursing

Patients work alongside their primary nurse in a timetable of activities, including workgroups and everyday living tasks. Together, they assess areas of difficulty and work on changes in their relationships and behaviour.

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy is provided twice weekly by a senior psychotherapist.

Group psychotherapy

Small group psychotherapy is provided twice weekly by our senior group psychotherapist.
Dance movement therapy
Weekly dance movement therapy is provided in a group setting.

Assessments and reviews

Regular progress reviews with the multidisciplinary team, including external professionals, are led by the lead consultant. Periodic psychometric assessments are carried out by our research psychologist.

Family and couples work

Couple and family therapy is offered according to need.

Support forum

A forum co-facilitated by staff and patients’ family members and carers takes place twice a month. These offer help, support and advice to family members and carers as well as an opportunity to meet others in similar situations and share experiences.