We have employment advisors working with our service who can provide practical support to help you plan and reach your employment goals.

We work with employment support experts Twining, who believe that everyone with a mental health problem can enjoy the benefits of working life.

If you’re looking for work they can:

  • Provide careers advice and guidance
  • Help you write a great CV
  • Help you fill out application forms
  • Help you prepare for interviews
  • Help you search for jobs, colleges and volunteering opportunities
  • Provide access to welfare benefits advice.

If you’re on sick leave they can:

  • Explore how you can return to work with your employer
  • See what adjustments might help you
  • Support a return to work that is managed and achievable for you.

If you’re struggling in work they can:

  • Address any difficulties at work that are affecting your wellbeing
  • Help you gain support from employers, specifically human resources or occupational health departments
  • Advise you on new roles/jobs/careers, if needed.