This is a primary care (GP) service for people in nursing homes in the Ealing area. We provide routine medical and urgent care from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

In partnership with The Argyle Group, we look after patients in all nursing homes across Ealing. These range from smaller homes with 22 beds, to the largest home of 165 beds.

We look after all age ranges, including people with learning disabilities, those with dementia, those with long term or chronic conditions (comorbidities) and at the end of life.

We work with other community practitioners from West London NHS Trust and Marie Curie to help with care planning. Our aim is to give patients the care they need where they usually live, wherever possible.

As well as general GP services, we visit the care homes with extended services which support investigations, care planning, medication management and seasonal vaccinations.

The core opening hours for the service are 8am to 8pm, every day of the year.

There’s a single phone number for all enquiries, clinical or administrative.

Nursing home managers and GPs agree designated regular visit days. These visits may vary due to Bank holidays.

Surgery appointments are booked via the same single point of access on 0300 12345 44   

Outside 8am to 8pm, service users can access advice and support by calling 111 (111*6 for nursing home staff).

111 is able to arrange out of hours visits from nursing or medical staff, if required.

Enhanced primary care

Patients are seen at their usual place of residence in nursing homes in the London Borough of Ealing. The service is accessible to disabled service users.

Repeat prescriptions

We work with care home staff to arrange repeat prescriptions for your regular medication, with the doctors’ agreement.

Prescriptions are usually ready 2 to 3 working days (Monday to Friday) after submission. Requests should be made in writing to:

The enhanced primary care in care homes service does not dispense medication.

Download our patient leaflet 
This is also available in an Easy Read format 

You have the right to register with a GP surgery of your choice. Please discuss your preferences with the care home staff. You also have the right to express a preference of a usual practitioner. However, due to the nature of our enhanced service, it may not be possible for us always to honour this request.

We‘re happy to discuss your needs with you, your carers and family members on request.

Teaching and training

Ealing Community Partners works with local universities to provide teaching and training to future and existing healthcare professionals.

Sometimes you may be asked to see the doctor or nurse with a trainee present. You’ll always be asked in advance if this is acceptable. You have the right to refuse if you prefer to have your consultation in private.

Sometimes, it’s useful for a trainee to see a patient on their own. They then present the case to a qualified member of the team. You will always be asked if this is acceptable.

We believe it's important to teach the next generation of healthcare professionals about community services. We appreciate your help in doing this.

Nursing homes register new patients with the enhanced primary care service for care homes and then patients are reviewed as required and according to our schedule of regular rounds.

Clinical Lead
Dr Anna Down

Clinical lead for Enhanced Primary Care Services for Care Homes (The Argyle Surgery)

Clinical Director
Dr Christopher Hilton

Clinical Director for Integrated Care Services, Ealing Community Partners (West London NHS Trust)

West London NHS Trust is the lead provider of Ealing Community Partners. It works with The Argyle Surgery to provide enhanced primary care services.

The service is registered at:

Ealing Community Partners
West London NHS Trust Headquarters
1 Armstrong Way