• Blog: World No Tobacco Day 

    31 May 2022

    To mark World No Tobacco Day (31 May) our smokefree and quality improvement teams have written an insightful blog, highlighting the impact tobacco has on our environment.

  • Blue plaque unveiled at ceremony dedicated to Dr John Conolly 

    27 May 2022

    A special ceremony to mark the unveiling of a blue plaque commemorating 19th century psychiatrist, Dr John Conolly, took place at St Bernard’s Hospital on Friday 27 May, the day that would’ve been Conolly’s 228th birthday.  

  • How to eat healthy on a budget #Type2DiabetesPreventionWeek

    23 May 2022

    Diabetes health and wellness coach, Vidya Gandhi, has written a blog for #Type2DiabetesPreventionWeek explaining how to eat well for less.

  • CATALYST assisted funding programme

    20 May 2022

    The new CATALYST Placement Programme prepares aspiring psychological professionals for a substantive position as an Assistant Psychologist, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner or similar. Funded by Health Education England (HEE) for 2021-2022 this programme aims to support those…

  • Supporting Dementia Action week this week, and every week

    18 May 2022

    Find out more about Dementia Action week campaign and how our services at West London NHS Trust support those with dementia this week, and every week.