Publish date: 18 January 2022

West London NHS Trust's Medical Director, Dr Derek Tracy, gave a candid interview to MyLondon about Blue Monday, the so-called 'most depressing' day of the year.

Dr Tracy explained: "Blue Monday is not real - it was an idea invented 17 years ago by a travel company to get more people to go on holiday in January. 

“It's a seductive idea - that this random Monday after Christmas is somehow special. But there's no evidence at all for it. 

“But, we can take something positive out of something very fake."

Brew Monday, a very helpful alternative, is held on the same day.

It was founded by the Samaritans to remind everyone to reach out for a cuppa and catch up with their loved ones.

West London NHS Trust marked the day by holding a virtual tea-themed quiz for staff with the winner receiving an afternoon tea for two at Harrods.

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Dr Tracy added: "For some, January is a new dawn, a time to look to the future. For others, the holidays can be really difficult. That doesn't translate into mental health services being overwhelmed."

The pandemic continues to have an adverse effect on people's mental health and causes more cases of common mental health problems like anxiety.

West London NHS Trust continues to encourage people struggling with mental health issues to come forward and seek help by calling our crisis number 0800 328 4444 or by visiting one of our safe spaces.

You can read Dr Tracy's interview in full here.