We’re keen for people who use our services to tell us about their experience.

We welcome feedback, whether good or bad, and use it to improve our services, our engagement with patients, families and carers and staff training.

We work with patients, carers and families in a number of ways in developing services, improving our practice and improving patients’ experiences. We welcome and listen to the views of patients, carers, families  and visitors so we can better understand what we’re doing right and what we need to improve, including:

  • Surveys with patients who’re currently in our care
  • Short questionnaires that patients complete just before they leave our services
  • Other online surveys
  • Feedback from partners, including other NHS organisations
  • Surveys carried out in and by the communities we serve
  • Patient and carer forums
  • Feedback through other services such as Healthwatch.


We also act as a resource for staff when engaging with service users and members of the general public.

Your feedback is important to us, so we’ve provide different ways for you to give it to us, from surveys and touchscreen feedback points in clinic settings, to online, here and on a range of independent review websites.  

You can contact us directly to tell us about your experience using the contact details on the right.   

Or you can submit feedback using any of the options below:

Care Opinion

Care Opinion is a non-profit organisation where patients can share their experiences of health and social care services. You can provide feedback on the Care Opinion website.

NHS Choices

You can make comments about our services via the NHS website

Community Mental Health Survey

We also receive feedback through the national annual Community Mental Health Survey conducted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Find out more on the CQC website.

Friends and Family Test 

Patients can give feedback about their care and treatments via the Friends and Family Test (FFT).  It’s quick and anonymous and you can give feedback in a number of ways, including:

  • Completing a postcard
  • Over the phone: 0800 064 3330
  • Online.  

Find out more about the FTT on the NHS website.