PALS is a free, confidential service, supporting patients, giving advice and help to patients, families and carers when they have concerns about the care and treatment we provide.

Patients can give feedback about their care and treatments via the Friends and Family Test (FFT) either on the phone 0800 064 3330 or online.

PALS can help to:

  • Answer questions from patients, carers and families in confidence
  • Resolve concerns about the care and treatment you receive at the Trust
  • Access the right services for you
  • Understand your rights
  • Find the information you need, including about services at the Trust, other organisations that you could help you and how to make a complaint.

Advice and help 

We can help you to resolve situations and concerns quickly without having to go through the formal complaints system. If you want to make a complaint, we can also support you through the formal complaints system. 

If you’ve had a good experience and would like to pass on your compliments and/or thanks to the relevant staff or services, we’ll make sure this happens promptly.

Your feedback about your experience of services at the Trust helps us to improve the care and support which we provide.  

We’ll always ask the permission of anyone involved in a complaint or investigation before any personal information is discussed with others. Only in exceptional circumstances - where your safety or someone else’s is considered to be at risk - will we have to pass on relevant information to other relevant departments or agencies.

What PALS can’t offer

We can’t offer counselling, diagnosis or any medical or legal advice.

If you, your family or carer need an interpreter or signer for Trust clinic appointments, meetings or to communicate your concerns, we can book a trained person to support you.

PALS can also arrange interpreters and translation, for example of medical records or general information about healthcare, on request.

For interpreting and translation enquiries, please contact PALS on 0800 064 3330.

You can contact the PALS team on Monday to Friday between 10am to 4pm, except on Bank holidays. You can contact us in confidence. The PALS team is located in administrative offices and therefore unable to meet visitors without a prior appointment.

Phone: 0800 064 3330

Out of hours: Please leave a message or send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

In an emergency, please call the Single Point of Access on 0800 328 4444.

You can also call via the Text Relay service, prefixing all numbers with 18001.

If relatives, carers or friends want to raise concerns on your behalf, we’ll need your written consent. This is to protect patient confidentiality.