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PDF file icon Alcohol and illicit drugs procedure Broadmoor Hospital A4-Alcohol-and-Illicit-Drugs-procedure-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.37 MB
PDF file icon Dignity at work B3-Dignity-at-Work.pdf 10/03/2021 0.68 MB
PDF file icon Career break scheme C17-Career-Break-Scheme.pdf 10/03/2021 0.53 MB
PDF file icon Staff dress code D1-Staff-Dress-Code-Policy.pdf 10/03/2021 0.54 MB
PDF file icon Diversity and equality D3-Diversity-and-Equality.pdf 10/03/2021 0.98 MB
PDF file icon Garden and grounds access at Broadmoor Hospital G3-Garden-and-Grounds-Access-Policy-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.34 MB
PDF file icon Infection prevention control policy and guidelines ICP1-Infection-Prevention-Control-Policy-and-Guidelines.pdf 10/03/2021 0.71 MB
PDF file icon MRSA guidelines ICP12-MRSA-Policy.pdf 10/03/2021 0.35 MB
PDF file icon Healthcare associated infection risk assessment ICP26-Healthcare-Associated-Infection-Risk-Assessment-Policy.pdf 10/03/2021 0.32 MB
PDF file icon Bloodborne virus ICP7-Bloodborne-Virus-Policy.pdf 10/03/2021 0.40 MB
PDF file icon Patients' mail and postal packets - Broadmoor Hospital M6-Patients-Mail-and-Postal-Packets-Policy-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.47 MB
PDF file icon Privacy and dignity in same sex accomodation P20-Privacy-and-Dignity-Same-Sex-Accomodation-Policy.pdf 10/03/2021 0.59 MB
PDF file icon Patients' personal possessions - Broadmoor Hospital P6b-Patients-Personal-Possessions-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.53 MB
PDF file icon Restricted and prohibited items for staff and visitors - Broadmoor Hospital R16p-Restricted-and-Prohibited-Items-Lists-for-Staff-and-Visitors-at-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.30 MB
PDF file icon Seizures and epilepsy S42-Seizures-and-Epilepsy-policy.pdf 10/03/2021 1.23 MB
PDF file icon Telephone calls by patients - Broadmoor Hospital T2-Telephone-calls-by-patients-at-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.44 MB
PDF file icon Use of intravenous maintenance and replacement fluid therapy in adults U1p-Use-of-intravenous-maintenance-and-replacement-fluid-therapy-in-adults.pdf 12/03/2021 1.47 MB
PDF file icon Patient visits - Broadmoor Hospital V4-Patients-Visits-at-Broadmoor-Hospital.pdf 10/03/2021 0.61 MB
PDF file icon West London NHS Trust Workforce Disability Equality Standard report 2019 West-London-NHS-Trust-Workforce-Disability-Equality-Standard-report-2019.pdf 10/03/2021 0.27 MB
PDF file icon Safe management of interviews between patients affairs and service users WLFS11-Safe-Management-of-Interviews-between-Patients-Affairs-and-Service-Users.pdf 10/03/2021 0.13 MB
PDF file icon Procedure to manage challenging behaviour in the St Bernards gymnasium WLFS12-Procedure-to-Manage-Challenging-Behaviour-in-the-St-Bernards-Gymnasium.pdf 10/03/2021 0.19 MB
PDF file icon Safe Management of the library service within clinical areas of WLT WLFS15-Safe-Management-of-the-Library-Service-within-clinical-areas-of-the-WLMHT.pdf 10/03/2021 0.18 MB