Publish date: 15 June 2021

The Trust has welcomed the arrival of Project Wingman’s mobile wellbeing lounge “Wellbee”. The wellbeing bus will visit St Bernard’s Hospital, Clayponds Rehabilitation Hospital, Armstrong Way and the Lakeside Mental Health Unit to support the hardworking NHS staff.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on NHS staff who have worked longer, harder hours to ensure that the public’s wellbeing is protected. The “Wellbee” service gives West London NHS staff the opportunity to take a moment to take care of their own wellbeing.

Carolyn Regan, West London NHS Trust’s Chief Executive said: “I am delighted to be at the launch of Project Wingman’s Wellbee at St Bernard’s Hospital site, offering our staff wellbeing and mental health support. The pandemic has been a challenging period for everyone. Starting off with our launch at St Bernard’s Hospital, this is a great opportunity for staff to unwind, decompress and distress. I look forward to hearing from staff across the Trust who have taken advantage of this offer.”

Wellbee provides a relaxed, informal and versatile space in which to deliver the wellbeing service, manned by a team of local aircrew volunteers, reaching up to 150 frontline staff each day. She allows the charity to be truly accessible to all NHS staff, without the need for physical hospital space, regardless of where in the country the hospital is located.

Wellbee is travelling across various West London NHS Trust sites, starting at St Bernard’s Hospital from 14 – 18 June, then visiting Clayponds Rehabilitation Hospital from 19 – 21, and then on to West London NHS Trust HQ for two days from 22 – 23, until finally paying the Lakeside Mental Health Unit a visit from 24 – 27 June. Wellbee will then continue to travel the country putting NHS Staff well-being “on wheels”.

Captain Richard Griffin, Director and Mobile Lounge Manager has led a dedicated team of volunteers over several months to bring this concept to fruition – including sourcing, fundraising, designing, preparation and readiness.

Captain Griffin commented, “Wellbee is our first fully branded mobile wellbeing service and to see her being enjoyed by so many hospital staff is genuinely heart-warming. I'm excited for Wellbee to visit some of West London NHS Trust sites and for it to provide staff a place to unwind