Publish date: 18 April 2024

We're pleased to share one our occupational therapists recently spoke at a conference held by the King's Fund.

Gwyneth Ataderie is the Head Occupational Therapist for Acute Mental Health Services (AMHS) and was a panellist at the Leadership and Workforce Summit.

The panel discussion was around 'meeting the expectations of the workforce of the future'.
It comes as the health and care workforce continues to face profound challenges, with the NHS facing staff shortages and increasing financial pressures.

The event explored the changing nature of work and how this can support the health and care system to adapt to future challenges.

It looked at the different expectations between those already in the workforce and those joining it and the challenges and opportunities this presents.

The panel was quizzed on how it feels to be working in health and care at the moment, and attracting new generations to work in health and care.

Gwyneth spoke about the unpredictable nature of acute services, working with stretched resources and the passion of dedicated staff.

Gwyneth said: “I do have hope which is why I still chose to work in the NHS. I have hope because I believe even in the turmoil that things can improve and get better. 

“If I feel this way I have to believe there are also other people who feel this way and want things to improve.

“One thing that keeps me showing up to work each day are the teams and people I work with. That connection with your colleagues is so important and can make even the toughest of situations easier to get through. 

“We are all consistently there for each other and provide a base of support and care – these are the things that make my role so much easier to do.”

Alongside her role as a panellist, Gwyneth also wrote a blog for the Kings Fund called "What does it mean to be a population health fellow as an allied health professional, and why does it matter?"

You can read the blog post on the King's Fund website.