Publish date: 14 November 2023

The Trust is pleased to share that one of its senior nurses, Linda Nazarko, has had her work published by Nursing Times.

Linda, who works as a consultant nurse in physical health, has written three articles on Type 2 Diabetes for the journal.

The first of the articles covers the causes of Diabetes Type 2, diagnosis, and the impact on health and wellbeing.

Type 2 Diabetes is more prevalent in people with mental health problems and its important people are aware of how the illness is diagnosed and treated.

You can read the article here: Type 2 diabetes: causes, diagnosis and impact on health and wellbeing | Nursing Times

The second article has also been published and covers how people at risk of developing diabetes can reduce their risk factors.

Linda said: “The article also discusses ethnicity and diabetes risk and how socio-economic deprivation increases risks.

“It also covers the latest research on how people with Type2 Diabetes who are overweight (the majority) can be losing around 15kg to put diabetes into remission.

“These are details of the latest Department of Health guidance on this.”

You can read Linda’s second article here: Type 2 diabetes: an overview of risk factors and prevention of onset | Nursing Times

The third of the articles discusses how it's possible to induce remission in Type 2 Diabetes through weight loss and how to treat and manage the condition well, including the role of medication in recovery.

You can read the article here: Type 2 diabetes: how to manage and treat the condition well | Nursing Times