Publish date: 17 March 2023

The Trust will be marking Social Work Week from Monday 20 March to Friday 24 March.

The theme this year is - 'Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social Action'.

As part of the week, the Trust will be hosting an event at Brentford Football Club on World Social Work Day (Tuesday 21 March) for NHS social workers.

So far, the Trust employs over 100 social workers, with at least 12 of these being newly qualified members of staff.

Sharon Thompson, Head of Social Work for Local Services, has explained how social workers play an important role in promoting equality and diversity.

She said: "We are delighted in West London NHS Trust to be celebrating Social Work Week 20th – 24th March 2023 and will be joining the Social Work England online sessions throughout the week.

“We will also be celebrating World Social Work Day on the 21st March 2023 with a Trust wide event for Social Work staff celebrating this year’s theme, ‘Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social Action’.

“The role of social workers is critical in promoting social justice and equality. Social workers are trained to work with individuals, families, and communities to promote well-being and social change. To respect diversity, social workers must recognise and value the unique perspectives and experiences of people from diverse backgrounds.

“Social workers can engage in joint social action by collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds to advocate for policies and programs that promote equity and social justice. They can work with community leaders, advocacy groups, and policymakers to address issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination. They can also provide a culturally sensitive service that is tailored to the unique needs of each individuals.

“In addition, social workers can help to promote understanding and respect for diversity by educating the public and challenging negative stereotypes and biases. They can work with schools, workplaces, and other organisations to promote diversity and inclusion and to create welcoming environments for people from diverse backgrounds.

Keep an eye on our social media pages this week for more information about Social Work Week.