Publish date: 20 January 2022

West London NHS Trust has been marking Dry January (UK’s one month alcohol free challenge) by highlight the benefits of cutting down your alcohol consumption on your mental and physical health as well as highlighting one of our alcohol support services.

According to Alcohol Change UK, 70% of participants say they have better sleep and 66% say they have more energy. This year, the Trust's medical director, Dr Derek Tracy, has been taking part in the challenge.

He said: "Dry January is a good moment for those of us who consume alcohol to recalibrate a little, especially after the Christmas period.  This is especially true in 2022 as we've seen alcohol consumption rise more generally in the UK during the pandemic.

"There is evidence to support a break from alcohol as being good for our physical health, and many find it improves their mental health, sleep, and energy levels.

"Remember, if you do slip up and have a drink, it's ok - just start again from the next day!"

Dr Tracy made a short video explaining his top tips for cutting down your alcohol consumption, including finding alcohol-free alternatives, and removing alcohol from the house to avoid temptation.

Charlie Kibble a reablement drug and alcohol worker and the reablement team provides up to six weeks of practical support to discharged patients. Referrals are made on the ward whilst the patient is in hospital.

Charlie explains her role, reflecting on Dry January, and signposting some of the local alcohol support services.

There are a number of community drug and alcohol teams within our boroughs:

Medical director's top tips for Dry January
Q and A with reablement drug and alcohol worker Charlie Kibble