Publish date: 11 September 2023

Meet our Medical education fellows! Hear more about their future project plans and the work they are leading on, here at the Trust.

Dr Derek Tracy, Chief Medical Officer says:

'It's wonderful to have four such talented 'Fellows' at the Trust, and also Dr Amy Bannerman, a public health doctor completing some of her training and research with us. 'Fellowships' (the names are old fashioned and gender biased, but persist) are typically one year opportunities to develop oneself in a given field or area, with supervision and support.

At present we have two RCPsych Leadership Fellows, a Darzi Leadership Fellow, a Higher Education England Fellow, and a Public Health placement doctor. They are all undertaking important work, which they describe.

We're keen as a Trust that encourages such growth and learning, including peer-support from each other.

In busy and pressured services and times, it's important we continue to try evaluate and deliver the best services we can, and to grow our next generation of leaders into these roles.'


Maria Vittoria Capanna 1 (1).jpgI’m Mavi Capanna, a ST5 in general adult psychiatry at West London NHS Trust and I’m excited to have started my Darzi Fellowship year in our Trust in August! 

My challenge is focussed around the medical rotas which has been a complex issue that remains unresolved and has wide ranging impacts.

I have strong relationships within the trust, I have experience in delivering change at a local, regional, and national level, I am personally invested in this challenge, and I have been intensely interested in advocating for safe staffing for patients and staff through rota redesign for years-  we are at a pivotal point to deliver for both patients and staff and I am motivated to join the Darzi programme to develop further as a leader.

I'm Dr Rachel Swain, I became a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist in West London in August 2023. I have an interest in education and worked as a teaching fellow at Imperial College, before continuing my higher training in West London Forensic Service. 

As one of the fellows in Leadership and Management, part of the Royal College of Psychiatrists national scheme, I had the opportunity to lead on a project to bring leadership theory to junior doctors. The programme was rolled out to all trainees and SAS doctors across both West London and CNWL, and was very positively received.  

The next steps are to continue to build on the pilot programme, embedding it into junior doctor teaching.  The long term plan is to include the medical student cohort, bringing focus to leadership and management from the earliest possible stage. 

I’m Harriet Quigley, HEE Medical Education Fellow and ST6 general adult psychiatry trainee on the Maudsley Training Programme.

My project is looking at the teaching of physical health competencies in psychiatry. I care passionately about the physical health of individuals with severe mental illness and have a long-standing interest in and commitment to improving the physical health disparities that exist - a health injustice which I feel needs urgently to be addressed.

This post combines my passion for clinical education. I’ve been reviewing the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ curricular requirements and will be conducting some qualitative research exploring trainees’ experiences and expectations relating to their teaching of physical health competencies.