Publish date: 25 April 2022

The Mayor of London has written personally to praise the work of the Rough Sleeping and Mental Health Programme Team (RAMHP) at the Trust.

The programme was launched two years ago by a number of agencies including the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority. The aim of the project is to improve access to mental and physical health services for rough sleepers across 16 London boroughs.

Sadiq remarked on the high quality of the RAMHP service which has supported many people who would otherwise have been unlikely to access the care and treatment that they needed. He said:

“Your service has made a real difference to how people with mental health needs are supported and has enabled many people to leave the streets.

"Your commitment to the principles behind this initiative has been impressive – building strong partnerships with local rough sleeping services and delivering a truly flexible and personalised service for people sleeping across West London."

Before the project there was no service for rough sleepers that would enable them to access mental and physical health services.

Since the team started they have received more than 300 referrals requesting input for people with varying degrees of physical and mental health needs.

Upon receiving the letter from the Mayor, the project leader Jeremy Mulcaire commented:

“Delighted to receive this recognition from the Mayor for the team’s dedication and committed work. A part of the community now receive support and input which noticeably improves their health and wellbeing and we are excited at the prospect of improving and developing the service further over the next two years.”

Congratulations to all of the team from the trust, we’re very proud of your success! #TeamWestLondon.