Publish date: 8 July 2024

Chris Hilton MyLondon.jpgFrom 1 July 2024, West London NHS Trust (WLT) became the new provider of community health services in Hounslow. Due to this change, we are pleased to announce that Dr Christopher Hilton, Chief Operating Officer (Local and Specialist Services) has been appointed as the new Hounslow Borough Based Partnership (BBP) Lead Director and Chair of the BBP Senior Leadership Team.

Dr Christopher Hilton said: “I’m extremely proud to be stepping into the space successfully occupied by Anne Stratton for the last few years as Chair of the BBP Senior Leadership Team in Hounslow.

"Our collective work in the Borough aims to bring health and care providers and pathways closer together to improve quality and experience, reduce inequalities and frustrations for the health and care workforce, and where possible to improve how we collectively invest in sustainable services for Hounslow residents.

"My day job in West London NHS Trust will from 1 July 2024 oversee both the mental and community health services in the Borough, and we’re continuing the partnership with the GP Consortium, which gives us a unique opportunity to integrate health pathways in the community.

 “I look forward to bringing my perspectives from my ongoing clinical sessions as a Consultant in West Middlesex Hospital, and similar work from our partnerships in neighbouring boroughs, to help us move forward with our integrated care work at pace.”