Publish date: 9 January 2023

Welcome to 2023 - each year most of us set out good intentions for the new year and by the time we reach the end of January some of us have fallen back into our old habits again. So this year we thought why don’t we help each other stay active!

So now is the perfect time to start a new routine – by staying active and being part of the West London Get Fit campaign.

What is West London Get Fit?

The West London Get Fit campaign aims to improve health and well-being by creating a West London community to bring staff and the local community together over walking, running, swimming, cycling or any other activities you enjoy.

Throughout the campaign we’ll be sharing active stories from our staff to inspire and motivate others to be part of the West London Get Fit community. 

It is open for everyone to join across West London, so if you like walking – aim for 10,000 steps a day, you may be someone who has always wanted to run but haven’t felt confident to take those first steps. Perhaps you want to get back to the pool or back on your bicycle, we can help guide you.  

How can I get involved?

Make a pledge for how you would like to become more active and be part of the West London Get Fit community, you decide what that means to you. 

We are encouraging our staff and teams to support each other and share their pledge and progress using the campaign hashtag #WestLondonGetFit. 

Pair up with a colleague, friend or neighbour to walk, run, cycle or swim together. Or maybe form your own department, community team to stay active together. 

First steps

We have a dedicated Health and well-being page for our staff on our trust intranet  for information on running, walking, cycling and swimming. However, we also have tips on staying well, nutrition and can sign post you to NHS resources and apps for staying active or getting started. 

Couch to 5K  

Park run 

NHS Better Health  

Keeping Well

NHS Fitness Studio

Desk exercises

Set a reminder on your calendar to get up from your desk to walk/stretch every twenty minutes to keep your muscles engaged, or perhaps try out some of these desk exercises.    

Set yourself a challenge - take part in the NHS 1000 miles’ challenge

This year the NHS will mark its 75th birthday in many ways, the NHS 1000 miles’ challenge is a year- long challenge for staff and partners to take part –run, walk, swim, cycle or a combination of everything. The aim is to cover 1000 miles over a year and there are teams up and down the country already taking part. 


If you are interested in being part of the West London Get Fit community do get in touch.

Track your progress

Did you know Apple and Android phones have a health app which you can use to monitor your activity or if you have an apple watch/fit bit you can pair it with a friend?

We are encouraging our staff and local community to post their weekly progress on social media just use the hash tags #WestLondonGetFit #WeareWestLondon 

Email us at and we can share your stories. 

Buddy up, be part of the West London Get Fit community

Ready, Set, West London Get Fit!