There are ways you can help manage your pain while you’re waiting to see a physiotherapist. Here are some helpful advice and exercises to try while you wait for your appointment.  

Starting some form of general exercise, such as swimming, cycling or other low impact exercise - particularly for conditions which have persisted for several months can be a great help.

Make sure the medication you’re are taking helps. If not, talk to your GP about an alternative. Some people don’t respond to certain medicines and some need medicines to target specific tissue, such as nerve-related pain.

An acute injury needs a period of rest. This allows the injured or irritated tissues to settle. This may mean stopping a painful activity for a period of time, for example typing, lifting or walking.

Most conditions heal within a matter of weeks or months. For example, 90% of back pain settles within six weeks.

The overwhelming majority of conditions have no serious cause even if they’re very painful.

Exercise videos                                                                  

We can recommend these videos which demonstrate exercises for a range of injuries.

Back care exercises
Knee care exercises
Shoulder care exercises
Hip care exercises
Neck care exercises
Shoulder rotator cuff care exercises

Find helpful information and illustrated exercises to manage pain on the Versus Arthritis website, including

Download information from the NHS on lower pack pain 


ESCAPE-pain is a free online and app-based rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain of the knees and hips. It integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with a personalised exercise regimen. 

Visit the ESCAPE-pain website  

Ealing-based charity Neighbourly Care, offers classes aimed at older, less mobile patients, including health walks, yoga, chair exercises, Indian folk dance and keep fit.

Visit the Neighbourly Care website