There are a number of different people you may meet as part of your journey with CAMHS. These include doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, all specialists in helping children and young people with their emotional and mental health issues.


Family therapists work with young people and their families together. If you’re referred to a family therapist you might meet them regularly so they can help you manage the diculties that are happening in your life. You can decide who comes to the meetings and what you’ll talk about.

Psychiatric nurses, or child and adolescent mental health nurses are registered nurses who are trained in mental health.

Psychotherapists help you to understand why you feel the way you do, and why you respond the way you do to other people and to things that happen to you.

A psychologist can assess and help with young people’s psychological functioning, emotional wellbeing and development. There are dierent types of psychologists, but they all help with the way that you behave and the way you feel and think about things. Some of the psychologists you might meet are clinical psychologists, and educational psychologists.

Our social workers help support therapeutic work with families who are referred to the CAMHS team.