“I went into my first ever appointment at CAMHS as I had been referred for gender stu and other issues. At the end when the clinician was talking to my mum he used the correct pronouns without making a big deal out of it. He wasn’t just saying what my mum wanted to hear and took my side. It was good to have this confirmation as I had only recently figured out my identity.”

No – it’s your choice. What you talk about to your counsellor or clinician is confidential. The only time they might have to say anything is if they’re worried about your safety or someone else’s safety.

It doesn’t matter what you tell us you are. We’re not going to judge you. If you’d like any specific support you can ask us. Don’t be afraid of telling a professional anything about yourself if you want to.

Yes they will but they’ll need you to tell them which pronouns you’d like them to use. You may wish to use certain pronouns in some situations and not in others so it’s good to talk to your CAMHS team about this and what you’d prefer.