Work experience placement programme

At West London NHS Trust we offer work-based learning programmes in nursing, medicine (psychiatry), allied health professions (AHP), and psychology.  Our aim is to give a helping hand to those within our local community who want to learn more about the NHS.

Work experience placements are an opportunity for the Trust to showcase our fantastic work and inspire young people to consider a career in the NHS, and in particular, at West London NHS Trust.

This scheme is primarily for young people in Years 10-13 with applications from school and college students that either live or study within the North West London and Berkshire areas taking priority. The work experience placement lasts up to 5 days’ maximum and is capped at one placement per person.  

All of our programmes have been designed by subject matter experts and include a mixture of practical and knowledge elements. You can find out more about these programmes below:

This programme gives the young person an insight into the life of a doctor in mental health and will include:

  • Learning about trainee doctor’s journeys from GCSEs to medical school
  • Learning about psychosis, personality disorder, and dual diagnosis
  • Talks from doctors working in a variety of clinical settings
  • Writing a personal statement to support applying to med school
  • Chance to learn basic life support skills and clinical assessment skills.   

This programme gives the young person an insight into the life of a nurse and will include:

  • Different fields of nursing across the lifespan of individuals
  • Meeting nurses who will share their career journeys
  • Taking part in activities linked to the 6 CS, quality improvement, and reflective practice
  • Taking part in a multi-disciplinary team case scenario
  • Talks on infection prevention and control (IPC), tissue viability, and physical health
  • Opportunity to learn basic life support
  • How to progress your career? - A-level choices, University, apprenticeships, and beyond qualification.

This programme gives the young person an insight into the various allied health professions and will include:

  • An introduction to the various allied health professions and the role they play
  • Introduction to multi-disciplinary working (case study)
  • Opportunities to take part in a music therapy session
  • Opportunities to visit services and take part in activities related to Quality Improvement
  • How to progress your career? - A-level choices, university, apprenticeships, and beyond qualification.

This programme gives the young person an insight into psychological services and will include:

  • Psychological professions and career opportunities
  • Experiential learning and reflective practice
  • The role of assistant psychologists
  • A workshop introducing mental health and group work
  • An introduction to neurodiversity
  • A communication masterclass
  • Meeting an expert by experience (EBE).

The next work experience programmes will run in Summer 2024. Dates and applications will be released in May 2024.