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Hounslow Wellbeing Network


Invitation to contact the Wellbeing Network or to support someone to do that

We would like to invite you to be in touch with the Wellbeing Network, based in and across the borough of Hounslow. This is a social network that provides a range of options that includes:

  • Social network meetings known as ‘Let’s Connect’, which is a supportive and friendly environment, to develop your connections with other people and to get information about your community. It is also a place to share your strengths, talents and interests and to contribute in any way you can, especially by being there.
  • Meeting individually with a ‘Wellbeing Partner’ for some sessions to consider and reflect on what is important to you in your life and if you would like support to develop any preferences or meet any challenges. We can do this either through conversation or by developing a drawn ‘wellbeing map’ (only if you feel you would like to use this method), but it is your choice.
  • Take part in our activities, which change every month, depending on members input. Members also take a lead and arrange many events. These include going out for meals/coffee, walks, photography, concerts, galleries and more.
  • Join a range of groups for your wellbeing and support e.g. Calm and Relax, Hearing Voices Group, and more
  • Supporting you to be in touch with organisations, people or activities in the community

Anyone who feels that this would contribute to their wellbeing is welcome. Some people may have experienced difficulties with physical or mental health but others may feel that this supportive and social environment  contributes to their life and social network.

You can contact the Wellbeing Network directly or ask a friend, family member or someone else you are working with to make contact. You can also join as a member on our website and we will then contact you.



Telephone: 07710 760 687 (10am – 4pm Monday to Friday)

Invitation to contact Hounslow Wellbeing Network