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When people are ready to be discharged from our services there will be a discharge CPA meeting between the person and those involved in their care -and family or carers where appropriate – to ensure that everyone is happy with the discharge.

A person’s discharge could include being referred back to their GP, being referred to a different service, referred back into the community with support from community teams or third party organisations, or a range of other options. Defining someone’s discharge is dependant upon each individual. Regardless of the specifics, every service user will be supported through their discharge process. We encourage people to form support networks and connect socially with others, and we try and ensure that when a service user is discharged that they feel adequately supported.

Involvement during and after discharge

Both during and after their stay, service users, and carers alike have the opportunity to be involved with decisions not only about their care, but Trust decisions as well. Find out about Carer and service user involvement opportunities. 
The care process described here refers to adults. Find out more information about our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.