The new Broadmoor Hospital opened in 2019. Work began a long time before that with a series of co-production design activities involving staff and service users to design spaces for those who would use them on a daily basis.

The new buildings are much more conducive to therapeutic care, treatment and recovery than the Victorian buildings they replaced – and, critically, are safer for staff and patients.

Staff, patients and carers were involved at every stage in shaping the design, layout and look and feel of the new hospital. The colour schemes and artwork on the wards were co-produced with staff and patients.

In 2014-15, a questionnaire for staff and patients helped our understanding about how they wanted the communal spaces and therapeutical areas to look. They were able to choose the overall style and colours for the walls of the therapeutic and central buildings.

During the development phase, patients took part in a number of workshops to create artwork for the new buildings and come up with a theme for the ward names.

The words now etched in a footway in a courtyard in the hospital were chosen by patients to express some of their feelings.

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