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West London NHS Trust involved in life-changing smear test research

05 Nov 2019

West London NHS Trust has played a significant role in a ground-breaking research project which aims to help tackle the anxiety about having a smear test, among women who’ve experienced trauma or who have mental health conditions.

The research was conducted by Frédérique Lamontagne-Godwin, a PhD student on an Allied Health Scholarship at University of West London, in partnership with the University of Surrey, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Imperial College Health Partners.

The end product of this research is a leaflet and video detailing what to expect when having a smear test and providing tips to make an appointment less stressful.

West London NHS Trust facilitated patient recruitment to collect feedback on the leaflet, through individual interviews and the Trust also helped fund the video.

Dr Samantha Scholtz, West London NHS Trust’s Research Director, said:

“The beauty of Frederique’s research is in its simplicity and emphasis on improving the experience of women in taking care of their health. She has collaborated with service users and tested a tool that supports women with mental health concerns, including past trauma, accessing cervical cancer screening.

“Frederique’s research has the potential for national and international impact; France’s equivalent of Public Health England and our own national bodies have shown interest in its dissemination.

“Here at West London NHS Trust, as an organisation striving for delivering the best integrated care, it’s important to ensure those with mental health concerns have the vital resources to help with their physical health needs”.

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