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Trust submits Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment full business case

03 Oct 2012

West London Mental Health NHS Trust submitted the Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment full business case (FBC) to NHS London earlier this week.

This takes the Trust another step forward in upgrading the 150 year old Hospital to create a suitable environment for 21st century mental health care for both patients and staff.

Approved by the Trust Board on Wednesday 26 September, the FBC gives an in-depth analysis of how the project will be carried out and highlights key financial and project milestones. The document also explains how the Trust plans to carry out major redevelopment work and construct the new modern, Hospital, within its existing grounds.

After the Board announcement, Vickie Holcroft, Programme Director, said: “Over the years it has become increasingly evident just how important and necessary this redevelopment is. Broadmoor Hospital staff do an amazing job, despite the limitations of working in some very old buildings, which was not designed for the delivery of the types of care our patients need today. This project will make a major difference.

“By modernising the site, we can significantly enhance the quality of treatment the Trust is able to offer, increase the safety and security of our patients and staff, whilst improving the working lives of Trust employees.”

Following NHS London’s decision later this year, the FBC will be forwarded to the Department of Health. The Trust hopes to receive the Department’s final approval in spring 2013.  Work will then begin to construct the new buildings, so that the Hospital can be handed over to the Trust by December 2016, allowing patients and services to move in at the beginning of 2017.

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