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Trust promotes dignity for World Mental Health Day

19 Oct 2015

Patients and staff at West London Mental Health NHS Trust have been embracing World Mental Health Day with a series of exciting events, aimed at promoting dignity in mental health care.


World Mental Health Day is an annual day for global mental health education and awareness, launched in 1992 by the World Health Organisation. It aims to encourage open conversation about mental health conditions to reduce the stigma surrounding them.

This year World Mental Health Day fell on Saturday 10 October, and WLMHT celebrated throughout the week. Staff across the trust held ‘tea and talk’ sessions around this year’s theme of ‘dignity’, encouraging service users to express what dignity in mental healthcare meant to them. The trust’s Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health Service are also running workshops to educate their staff on how best to maintain the dignity of young people, in particular with those from different cultural backgrounds.

As well as raising awareness, the trust held exciting wellbeing events for their staff and patients. The St Bernard’s team held sports football tournaments to promote the physical wellbeing of their service users, occupational therapy set up a healthy fruit smoothie stand, and Wolsey wing threw an exciting garden party with fun activities for their service users. These events were greatly enjoyed by service users, and allowed them to connect better with staff. Danielle Maule, clinical lead occupational therapist for Ealing inpatient services, said: “It was great to see everyone connecting and having a good time at the Wolsey wing garden party. The outdoor games in particular brought everyone together, and really brought out a competitive side in some people! The staff in the unit put in a huge effort to make sure the day went well and was enjoyable.”

Trust chief executive Steve Shrubb said: “World Mental Health Day is an important day for our staff and our patients, and our teams have done a great job this year in starting a conversation about dignity. It’s important that we talk about how to give patients the care and respect that they deserve.”

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