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Trust maintains and improves results in 2017 NHS staff survey

06 Mar 2018

On Tuesday 6 March 2018, NHS England published the results of the 2017 staff survey. West London Mental Health NHS Trust is delighted to announce that we have maintained or improved our results across the board.

Our staff engagement score – which measures advocacy (whether staff would recommend the Trust as a place to work or receive care), motivation and involvement – is higher than the average for mental health trusts in England.

Overall staff engagement scores fall between 1 and 5, with the higher the result, the more engaged the staff are. Our score is 3.82 compared to a sector average of 3.79.

The highlights include: 76% of our staff look forward to coming to work and 75% are enthusiastic about their job.

Our results are significantly better than average for:

  • Good communication between senior management and staff
  • Staff satisfaction with the quality of work and care they are able to deliver
  • Effective use of patient/service user feedback

Impressively, none of our results showed a significant decline on the previous year and we have achieved a trend of continuous improvement year-on-year in key areas

The survey also identified areas where we need to improve, such as: discrimination; equal opportunities for career progression or promotion; witnessing potentially harmful errors, near misses or incidents; and experiencing physical violence, harassment, bullying or abuse.

Wendy Brewer, Director of Organisational Development and Workforce, said: “It’s great to see such positive results – a mental health trust can be a tough place to work, but things are on the up in our Trust. I’m also glad our staff have told us where we need to do better. This feedback will help us make the changes that really matter to our staff and support them to continue to deliver great care to our patients.”

Carolyn Regan, Chief Executive, commented: “We’ve made fantastic progress in many important areas, so many congratulations to all our staff. For example, it’s good news that we have improved our culture of reporting errors, near misses and incidents – this is a key part of creating a positive and learning culture.

“The executive team and I are committed to listening to staff and taking action in response – these results show that feedback from staff really does make a difference.”

You can read the full report here and the summary.

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