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Participants sought for borderline PD trial

20 Nov 2014

Trust researchers are looking for participants in a clinical trial looking at the use of Lamotrigine in patients who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

The study, called LABILE, is a 52 week randomised double blind* trial. Half of the patients will be prescribed Lamotrigine and half will be prescribed placebo.

Participants will be contacted every couple of weeks to see how they are reacting to the medication and to take note of any side effects.

All patients over the age of 18, with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder who are able to give informed consent can be considered for the trial.

Patients will only be excluded if they have a diagnosis of a psychotic illness, are already taking a mood stabiliser or have known liver or renal disease.

Dr Oliver Dale leads on this study in the trust, which already has involved 13 patients from Hammersmith & Fulham.

He said: “This is one of the largest drug trials for borderline personality disorder for many years. Even discounting any possible pharmacological effects, the regular contact and face to face questionnaires – as well as the sense of giving something back – has been very useful for some of my patients.

“There is a very supportive and well trained team behind LABILE. It is a highly pragmatic study so it is very simple to enrol and to continue in the trial.”

For more information about the study or to make a referral, contact Sarah Gregory at or Dr Oliver Dale at


* A double blind trial attempts to eliminate bias from affecting the outcome of a trial. Both the medical staff organising ‘treatment’ and those taking part in the trial do not know who is receiving which treatment.

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