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West London Trust's response to the NHS Long Term Plan

07 Jan 2019

Welcoming the NHS Long Term Plan, published today, Carolyn Regan, West London NHS Trust’s Chief Executive, said:

“I’m pleased to see the prominence given in the plan to mental health, backed up with £2.3bn a year more funding in real terms. Mental illness often starts in childhood, so the emphasis on children and adolescents and the promise to provide mental health care to 350,000 more young people is particularly important. The commitment to young people that they will no longer need to restart their treatment with adult services when they turn 18 is also a vital step forward.

“At West London NHS Trust, we believe that people do best when their mental and physical care needs are treated in an integrated way. I’m pleased to see that this is recognised throughout today’s plan.

“However, the delivery of the very best healthcare depends on having a modern environment in which to provide treatment. Many of our buildings are ageing and pre-date the NHS itself, so we want to seize every opportunity today’s plan provides to upgrade our facilities and deliver the very best care we can to our community.”

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