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Trust first in UK to recruit patient to dementia study

10 January 2017

The trust’s Clinical Trials Facility at Lakeside Mental Health Unit is the first site in the UK to include a patient on a study investigating a new medication aiming to treat Dementia with Lewy Body (DLB).

Depending on whether the patient has been randomised to placebo (a fake medication) or real drug, they may be the first in the UK to take this promising new drug. It is being investigated by the pharmaceutical company AXOVANT.

The AXOVANT study is the first ever pharmaceutically sponsored clinical trial for DLB. Locally led by Dr Vanessa Raymont, the study aims to test the safety and effectiveness of a drug for treating DLB. Participants are being recruited from the United States, UK and other European countries.

This study drug has so far shown great promise in treating Alzheimer’s Disease.  If results are positive for this study, it provides a great stepping stone to developing the first ever licenced drug for DLB. Currently, there are no approved treatments for DLB in the United Stated and Europe.

Researchers at the Clinical Trials Facility are very excited to be working on this study and would like to thank the clinical staff for all of their input and referrals. The research team have been working closely with clinical staff within the trust to provide opportunities for patients in WLMHT to access novel treatments. This hard work and collaboration within the trust has contributed to this great achievement and we look forward to seeing the results.

If you would like to refer someone or find out more, please contact Merrie Manalo or Sarah Gregory.