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St Bernard’s Olympics

25 Aug 2016

Staff and patients at the St Bernard’s hospital site have been competing in their own Olympic events, in honour of the recent games in Rio.

Over the course of two weeks staff and patients took part in a number of fun Olympic inspired events, including tournaments in football, badminton, dry triathlon, table tennis, and more. The events were part of wider health promotion strategy run in collaboration with the West London Forensic Service dieticians, which aims to improve the health of our patients and staff.

The events concluded in an awards ceremony, with medals presented by John Carthy, deputy director of nursing, and supported by Tom Hayhoe, trust chairman.

Katie Huckle, physical activities adviser, said: “We hope our extravaganza of sporting events will increase participation in physical activity. Olympic promotion is much more than just a sports event – it is a day for everyone to get active, learn about Olympic values, and discover new sports.”



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