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New video highlights Early Intervention Services to GPs

19 January 2018

Dr Julia Renton, Head of Psychological Services at West London Mental Health NHS Trust, has written and directed a short video updating GPs about the assessment of first episode psychosis and rapid referral to local NHS Early Intervention in Psychosis Services (EIPS).

The 4-minute video has been commissioned by the NHS East of England Clinical networks and produced by Big Picture Charity Films. It has now also been accredited by The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

A former service user of the Trust features in the film to discuss her experience of finding relevant support when she began to hear voices. In the video, she says it wasn’t until her third visit that her GP referred her to relevant services.

Dr Julia Renton is also the EIPS Clinical Lead for the East of England Clinical Networks. She said: “We are very hopeful that this video will enable people to have conversations with their GP’s which help them access relevant services faster.

“The NHS East of England Clinical Networks, Dr David Shiers OBE and I have all worked very hard to produce a film guiding GP curiosity and questioning in the early detection of psychosis and identifying potential pitfalls to engagement.”

The key message of the video asks GPs to consider whether their patient is experiencing anomalous symptoms such as hearing things others cannot, expressing odd beliefs or feeling paranoid, and how GPs can signpost to their local NHS EIP Service.