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New medium secure unit opens at St Bernard's Hospital

02 Feb 2016

West London Mental Health Trust has opened a new state-of-the-art 80 bed hospital, Thames Lodge, on the St Bernard’s site in Ealing this week. The hospital will provide modern therapeutic care for men in a secure setting.

Three Bridges reception areaThe purpose-built facility has been designed to improve patients’ physical and mental health and wellbeing. The building contains a primary health care treatment room, a dental suite and facilities to engage in physical activity and therapies with more independence. The kitchens will offer healthy, freshly cooked meals.

The building contains a range of other improvements including larger bedrooms and washroom facilities. Service user art and poems adorn the walls, whilst strategic colour coding helps with way finding, allowing some services users to attend therapies independently.

Patient areas are also specially designed to promote positive relationships with other patients and staff, and safety is built into the layouts and enhanced through the use of the latest security technology. As a result, patients will be encouraged to spend more time in shared areas and enclosed gardens to build their capacity for healthy social interactions and relationships.

As well as providing service users with a brand new space, the trust has launched a new model of clinical care. This sets out clear treatment pathways and explains how service users will be expected to get more involved in planning their treatment and encourages them to take more responsibility for their recovery and care.

The model, together with the layout, will allow the trust to maximise the benefits of the new building, whilst continuously improving service delivery.

Each service user will be expected to engage in 25 hours of meaningful activity a week. The Riverside Centre, which simulates a communal high street, offers a variety of educational and vocational activities for them to choose from.

Thames Lodge, located next to Medway Lodge and the Wells Unit, existing male medium secure facilities, completes the Three Bridges Medium Secure Unit, which is surrounded by a single secure perimeter.

Leeanne McGee, executive director of high secure and forensic services, said: “Thames Lodge is a much-needed new facility in west London. Patients will benefit from the improvements in care that staff will be able to deliver, and our staff will appreciate working in a modern therapeutic setting. The building is in line with modern medium secure guidelines and a project to upgrade Medway Lodge is now underway and scheduled for completion in September. This means that all our male medium secure accommodation and services will be based in one area of the site, meet our commissioners’ requirements, and allow us to continuously improve services and the recovery journey.”

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