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New locations for Ealing work rehab

17 Dec 2012

The Trust has found new locations for our Work Rehabilitation services and the Recovery Hub, all of which are currently located on the St Bernard’s site in Ealing. This includes the print shop, picture framing and horticulture.

John Belli, Deputy Service Manager at Work Rehabilitation,  said: “We wanted to find more commercial locations so service users who work in them gain experience of real work, dealing directly with the general public as customers. With the redevelopment of the St Bernard’s site we had an added incentive to make this change sooner rather than later.”

We have secured a lease on a large retail unit on the Broadway in West Ealing which will house the Recovery Hub, picture framing service and a second community shop (the first Accession community shop has been operating in Hanwell since March 2012).

Also in West Ealing, on the ground floor of St James’s House (Catalyst Housing), we are leasing a second shop, which will become the Accession print shop.

Our horticulture service will be moving to Horsenden Hill in Perivale in spring 2013. Ealing Council has granted Accession a 25-year lease to develop accessible horticulture services, a café, workshops, a market place and other commercial ventures. This will provide more training and employment opportunities for service users, trainees and volunteers.

These ventures are being run in partnership with Accession Social Enterprise, who have expertise in setting up social enterprise businesses and making them work.

John Belli adds: “By moving out of St Bernard’s into a busy shopping area within our local community where we can continue to provide support and direction, our work rehab services will offer greater opportunity to more of our service users in their pathway to recovery.”

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